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Program requirements

Federal Skilled Trades requirements:

  • You must plan to live anywhere in Canada except the prince of Quebec

  • You must meet the required level of linguistic ability either in English or French

  • You must have two years of full time or equal amount of part time experience within the five years before you apply under express entry

  • You must meet the job requirements as it is set out in NOC

  • You must have an offer of full time employment for the period of one year at least

As an applicant you must show that you did the duties at your employment exactly as they are set out in the National Occupation Classification description. If you fail to show the duties and your experience for the job you did as it is set out in the NOC your application will not be accepted.


When it comes to education in this category you will be surprised that that there is no education requirement for the Federal Skilled Trades program. However, it is always a bonus to show your education on your profile as it gives you extra points. If you have Canadian education such as post-secondary, diploma or a degree you will be given points for it. But if you have foreign education then you will need assessment of your foreign credentials from the ECA as it is the case in Federal Skilled Worker program.



Language Ability

It will be crucial for your to meet the minimum language requirements of Canadian language benchmark (CLB) 5 for speaking and listening and (CLB) 4 for reading and writing. You will have to demonstrate your proficiency in either English or French language through the tests approved by (CIC). Your test results cannot be older than two years when you apply for permanent residence.

If you want further information about the Federal Skilled Trades Program or require qualified legal assistance in preparation and submission of your application please fill out the form provided below. 

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